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Beer School w/ Bier Brewery

Welcome To Books & Brews TV

Books & Brews is excited to announce the addition of Books & Brews TV to their lineup of offerings in order to help extend our mission of creating a place for people without a place to every home across the country and beyond.

When we started Books & Brews our mission was to create a place for people without a place. Today we are limited in our ability to create a physical place so if we can’t bring people to B&B then we’ll take B&B to them. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong regardless of whether or not they’re able to physically come into the store.

Books & Brews TV will combine free daily content across all B&B locations with paid programming that will start off with virtual book clubs, virtual pub hours, children’s storytime, beer school, live streaming music, original short skits, live trivia, and more! A full guide of B&B TV of both free and paid services will be available soon.

This gives us an opportunity to show people that they are appreciated, accepted, and encouraged to be themselves regardless of whether or not they’re in our store or at home. If we are limited in our ability to help people connect in person then the next best thing is to help them connect digitally. And the connection is something I know we all desperately need right now.


B&B TV will offer exclusive classes on everything from Brewing to Business!

Family Friendly Content

B&B TV will nightly story times, Weekly Trivia, and so much more to bring you and your family together!

Insider Beer Info

We will bring you all the latest and greatest beer happenings around the midwest. We will showcase festivals and events! B&B TV will bring you an unique and exclusive access to the brewing world!

Event Schedule

Check out the latest events coming up on B&B TV!

B&B TV CEO Jason Wuerfel


CEO & Founder

Founder / CEO Jason Wuerfel

Founder / CEO Jason Wuerfel started B&B TV as a way of extending Books & Brews mission: to create a place for people without a place; where all are accepted, appreciated, and encouraged to be themselves.

Jason will be a part of several B&B TV offerings on the membership side including Nanobrew: The Podcast and Beer School as well as Coffee Talk which airs for free on Facebook Live 9am-10am every weekday morning.

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Virtual Book Club

Virtual Pub Hours

Live Classes

Coffee Breaks

Free Courses


Business Networking

Our Community Partners

Books & Brews has always taken pride in partnering with our local community. Since 2014 we have continued to grow our business with the help of several communities so in turn we try and do the same. We have the mindset of not going through this life alone. We love being able to bring people together and helping all we can along the way. If you are interested in partnering with Books & Brews or B&B TV for any local events please contact Tyler@booksnbrews.com

Join The Club

In association with B&B TV, Books & Brews offers several clubs that include monthly virtual meetups and webinars including: Beer Club, Wine Club, Coffee Club, and more!

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