B&B’s Poetry Series: She Broke My Heart

Hello, all. It’s been awhile since we had our Poetry Series. This week, the prompt was “She broke my heart” and we had a submission from two new people. Everyone say hi to Ryan and Chelsea! Hi Ryan and Chelsea!

Next week’s prompt: The Devil & I

Email me at faren@booksnbrews.com to submit! Deadline is Thursday, January 17th!


“No Words” by Ryan Jordan

“You’re better off without her.”
“She was never good enough for you.”
“This isn’t like her, she’s changed, and not for the better.”
“You deserve someone who loves you for you.”
“She never put your needs ahead of her own.”
“You did everything you could, no one can blame you if you moved on.”
“You’ll find someone worth your love, someday.”

No words can help you move on.
No words can halt the feel.
No words can guide you forward.
No words can help you heal.

But just remember this.
You’re going to be okay.
You’re stronger than you think.


“One-Sided Fight” by Ally Fazio

You could stab me in the heart
hold me in your arms as I die
and with my last breath
I’d apologize for getting blood on your jeans.
You could set me aflame
watch me as I burn
and I would weep
for the damage I did to your carpet
and the smell that will never come out.
You could wrap a rope around my neck
and hang me in your closet
and I’d keep my hands clutched around the necklace of pain you’d given me
and cry tears of happiness.
You could shoot me in the head and bury me in your garden
and from my grave,
I’d thank you for burying me with these beautiful flowers.
Because when it comes to you
all fights were one-sided.

“Untitled” by Chelsea Hugunin
She tilted the bottle back again,
showing she still doesn’t care.
Looking at her daughter, she says nothing.
The liquor has taken her words.
She’s just an empty vessel,
heartless until the end.

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