Jason Wuerfel

CEO & Founder of Books & Brews. Host of Nanobrew Podcast & Coffee Talk

Founder / CEO Jason Wuerfel started B&B TV as a way of extending Books & Brews mission: to create a place for people without a place; where all are accepted, appreciated, and encouraged to be themselves.

Sarah Burns

Host of We Are B&B, Storytime, Coffee School, Beer School, Wine School

Kelsey has been working at Books & Brews since the summer of 2015 and was a regular before that.  She loves working at Books & Brews because she’s a firm believer in the mission of providing “a place for people without a face.”  When she goes to work, she doesn’t feel like it’s a job.  It’s a privilege.  When she’s not working, she enjoys taking walks and going out with my friends.  Mixed media journaling and cross stitch really relax her. 

Brent Schlemmer

Host of The Noon Update

Brent has a lovely beard

Kevin Smolar

Jerry Connor

Kevin Smolar is the Quality Manager for Sun King Brewing, and is knowledgeable on all aspects of the brewing process from hop to yeast to can. He was our featured Beer Instructor for July 2020.

Check out Kevin’s Class here.

Jerry Connor is the co-owner of Bier Brewery. He was our featured Beer Instructor for August 2020.

Coffee Class Faculty

Alec Tod

Vanessa Emery

Alec Tod is the co-owner of Indie Coffee Roasters as well as their Director of Coffee, handling all aspects of the the process from bean to bag to brew. He was our featured Coffee Instructor for July 2020


Check Out Kevin’s Class here

Vanessa is the co-owner of Dark Side Coffee Roasters. She was our featured Coffee Instructor for August 2020.

Wine School Faculty

Blake Trobaugh

Blake is a winemaker at Daniel’s Vineyard. He was our featured Wine Instructor for August 2020.

Jolee Kasprzak

Jolee is the Marketing Director for French Lick Winery. Originally from Southern California, Jolee has worked in the Hospitality Industry for most of her life. Moving to Indiana when she was 25, she took a job at a sign company mixing her customer service skills with her design sense and art education. After managing a corporate restaurant for four years her move into marketing was very natural. She brings her assertive leadership skills, enthusiastic personality, and red headed sensibilities into everything she does. She was our featured Wine Instructor for September 2020

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