For the Love of God it’s Friday @thecornerdeiner 5/1/20

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of COVID-19

I don’t know about you reader. But this week SUCKED. Other than writing for the blog you could have told me that I was hit by a truck that came flying at me due to a train wreck, and then all of us were hit by a falling satellite. And I would be like, “Yep, that is exactly what happened.” So whether it was the week of madness for you, you need a break from the kids, or you just want to have a drink, don’t fret. It’s Friday. And if you are reading this, it is also after 6PM. Which means you are an hour late for cocktail hour. Where were you?

Sirius and Regulus Black: My interpretation of the two brothers ...

As most of you are well aware, we love us some Potter at Books & Brews. Whether it is celebrating Yule Ball and Expecto Festo at the stores or handing you some seriously delicious Belgian beers, see also Prisoner of Alezkaban and Dubbeldore’s Magic Ale, we are hard-core Potter fans. So for today’s blog we will get you sorted, hand you a wand, and brew some Butter Beer.

Any true fan is aware of Pottermore. JK’s personal website for putting up anything new she adds to the Potterverse. On the website you can be sorted into your house. They are Ravenclaw (Nerd House), Griffindor (Popular Kids House), Hufflepuff (Jocks, Stoners, and Nice Kid house, and Slytherin (Backstabber and Magical Supremacist House). I highly suggest taking the test and showing house pride while drinking the Butter Beer recipe below. I personally, will be kicking back with a good book wearing my Ravenclaw blue while drinking. The website also customizes a wand for you (Poplar, 14.5 inches, with Unicorn hair core) as well as a Patronus (Marsh Harrier). So it is a lot of good fun for all ages.

Now that you are sorted and have your wand at hand for some brewing. Let’s get to the quest for the Butter Beer. For those that don’t know Butter Beer is like the one alcoholic beverage available to kids of the Potterverse. It was so popular that when Universal announced they would be making a Harry Potter world at their theme park, the main draw to go other than the Hogwarts castle, was, you guessed it, the Butter Beer. Having had theirs twice, I can definitely say. It’s good. Most people who try it immediately try to recreate the drink when they get home. To the point where a google search for the recipe yields over a million results.

And unless you have a stomach made of steel. There is no way to try them all. Plus most of them are crap anyway. So this humble blogger is going to do you a solid. You have two easy options if you want that delicious Butter Beery goodness. First option, whenever Books & Brews gets it on tap. Drink it there. It is a good creme ale and has a good butterscotch taste to it. Or you have option two. Disclaimer, this is not a beer, but it is the closest alcoholic version to Universal’s you are gonna get.

That’s it. It is really that easy. If you want to add some head to your Butter Beer, all you need to do is add melted marshmallow fluff to the top. I personally drink it without the marshmallow, but that is your preference. For added BNB feel you can throw the concoction into your mug club mug. Then kick back relax. And marathon the crap out of the Harry Potter movies this weekend, pick up a Potter book, or listen to Jim Dale’s amazing audio book versions. Stay classy everyone and see you on Monday.

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