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Welcome back to News and Reviews everyone! Today’s recommendation is for all my fashion nerds out there. Do you love Project Runway, but wish you could actually buy the clothes they made on the show? Do you love Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum, but wish you could see more of them? Well have I got the perfect show for you! On Amazon Prime you can find Making the Cut featuring hosts Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum alongside some of the coolest names in fashion and with the accessible look from each episode’s winner being available to purchase from the Making the Cut store on Amazon. With the first season fully finished and uploaded to Prime your binge-watch of the most stylish show on Amazon is going to be full of stunning outfits, good old-fashioned Tim Talks, and supermodel Naomi Campbell being an absolute icon. Naomi is seriously my favorite part of the show. She doesn’t hold back with the contestants and says exactly what she’s thinking. Naomi’s not the only big name on the judge’s panel though. There’s French Fashion editor Carine Rotfield, fashion designer and creative director for the brand Altuzarra, Joseph Altuzarra, Italian beauty blogger and fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni, and fashion designer, author, and actress Nicole Richie all of whom judge alongside Heidi to find the next big thing in fashion. They aren’t just looking for a designer though, this is about finding an entrepreneur who is ready to take their brand international. We’ve got to talk about what these designers are competing for though, right? The prize consists of one million dollars and the chance to design a collection to be sold exclusively on Amazon. The designers are from all over the world too. Ester’s from Berlin, Sander is a Belgium native, Sabato is from Milan, Italy, and Rinat is from Israel. There’s also plenty of potential to find a new brand you’ll love as all the designers already have stores and brands you can buy, the main reason for coming on the show is the desire to build their brands even more and become a global name. Personally I’ve become a big fan of BABYGHOST which is a pretty popular e-commerce brand whose designer Joshua Yupper was on the show. This show challenges its designers to go above and beyond in order to not only win the prize, but to get as much information and advice as they can from their time on the show. At the end of the day, even if your favorite designer is eliminated you’ll still be able to find them and their work online and buy some of their clothes for yourself. While Project Runway is more about the artistry of fashion, Making the Cut is all about running a successful fashion label and their chosen winner will no doubt reflect that thinking. If you’re a fan of fashion and want to expand your horizons a little then Making the Cut on Amazon Prime is definitely the right fit for you.

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