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Welcome to my very first News and Reviews article where I get to talk about, and recommend, some of my favorite things in the world to the awesome books and brews community! It’s all about the books, movies, video games, and tv shows I think all of you might enjoy. I’m going to start this series off by talking about my favorite video game of all time (so far) Dragon Age: Inquisition! This is the third installment of the Dragon Age series, but you don’t have to play the first two, or know any of the background or lore, to play this game and understand everything that’s going on and have fun. The title screen even serves as your first cutscene and it’s also one of the best beginnings to a game you’ll ever have. Inquisition has one of the best character creators in video games we’ve seen in the 2010s. You can customize your character however you want. You choose one of four races (my first choice is elf), their specialization i.e. are they a mage, are they a warrior, or are they a rogue (I chose mage) and even name them after yourself (which I totally did). From there the gameplay itself is really easy to learn. So anyone from a veteran gamer to a complete newbie (which I was when I played this game) can get a good handle on the mechanics very quickly. From there I got swept up into the world of Thedas and the story that my character was now starring in. 

I got to make choices that influenced the game’s story. I even got to choose an in-game romance. My first go around I chose the handsome commander of the Inquisition’s forces Cullen Rutherford (see my article Top 10 Hottest Guys in Video Games to know why) and I was not disappointed by how my choice of romantic partner influenced the story. You can choose from several possible romantic entanglements though depending on the character you’ve created. You can romance the ambassador (and sweetheart) of the Inquisition Josephine Montilyet, the mysterious elven mage Solas, the cute and crazy archer Sera, the strong mercenary who is actually a teddy bear The Iron Bull, the rebellious archivist mage Dorian Pavus, the heroic seeker of truth Cassandra Pentaghast, the brooding grey warden Blackwall, or my personal favorite Cullen Rutherford. 

While the romances are fun you can also develop your friendships with the amazing cast of characters as well. I fell in love with the spirit of compassion Cole and spent a lot of time becoming best friends with him in the game (I’m not saying that’s because I couldn’t romance him, but yeah that’s mostly why). I also spent a fair amount of time bonding with Dorian and becoming friends with him as well. All the characters really come to life and you really do bond with them throughout your journey through Thedas.

Speaking of Thedas I was absolutely floored by the amazing artwork and animation in this game. From the sandy deserts of the Hissing Wastes to the boggy swampland of The Fallow Mire, everywhere you go is perfectly animated. You won’t feel so stuck while in quarantine when running around the Storm Coast (appropriately named) or hiking in the Hinterlands. My personal favorite has to be the Emerald Graves though. Named for the practice of burying a deceased elf with a tree seedling the forest rose from the fact that it’s technically a mass grave site from a war thousands of years ago (morbid I know), but having my character run through the forest I could practically smell the dew of the grass and feel the pollen in the air. I was actually surprised my allergies didn’t act up while my character was there. After every location you still return to your home base of Skyhold (which is an epic fortress) and after you eventually defeat the big bad, has my favorite way of celebrating that victory.

Now does defeating the big bad mean the game is over. Kinda. You see the main game is over, but I highly recommend buying the Trespasser dlc, just to tie up those loose plot points and get your real happily ever after.

When I finished my first playthrough of the game I realized that I could replay it again and go with the other options this time around. The replay value on this game is huge! I went through five other playthroughs and I still haven’t explored all my options. So if you want a grand adventure while stuck inside during quarantine, I highly recommend playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. Get sucked into the world of Thedas and lead your Inquisition well.

Thanks for reading everybody, and hey let me know if there’s a game, movie, tv show, or book you’d like me to review. I’m happy to give it a go and tell you all what I think about it.

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