The Top Ten Names For Your Meowgically Nerdy Cat

In case you hadn’t heard (or you haven’t met me), I am a huge nerd and I love cats. So I figured what better way to mix together those two things and comprise a list of nerdy cat names?! That’s what happens when you leave Faren to blog writing unsupervised… or should I say unsupurrrrrrrrrvised?

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I have two nerdy cats at home, my oldest cat’s name is Jasper. This is the Jazz Man himself being, you know, a cat:


He is named after the stone of physical strength and energy… okay okay okay, he is totally named after one of those vampire guys from Twilight. I was a teenage girl once. Leave me alone.

I also have my super energetic little cat named Catt Murdock:


He is named after Matt Murdock aka Daredevil because his cat-ness literally has no limits. Oh, you have this real neat desk up here? I’m just gonna be a dumb cat and jump off of it even though I’m like, 5 seconds old.

Before I start going full Cat Mom Mode on you, I’m going to get to the real reason you’re here. Onward to the list!


10. Princess Carolyn


Who wouldn’t want to be named after the cat that has Jellicle Cats as her hold music? Let’s be honest here…


Just me? Also, watch Bojack Horseman. It’s magical.

9. Smarf

Just watch this:

I’m sorry. I really am sorry that you’ll have this in your head for the rest of your life. I shouldn’t be able to internet.

8. Thackery Binx


To this day, Hocus Pocus is my all-time favorite Halloween movie. If you have a different favorite… I mean… it’s okay to be wrong. My very first cat was an all-black little girl kitty that I named Binx. I was 5 and didn’t understand gender totally, so I didn’t care that she wasn’t a boy kitty. #WTFAreGenderRoles #IMissWhenIWasFive

7. Jiji

tenor (1).gif

Having a black cat and wearing black clothes constantly, I now wonder why I didn’t name my cat Jiji (from Kiki’s Delivery Service) instead. Opportunity missed.

6. McGonagall


I wrestled with which Harry Potter character to put on this list. Obviously, if I’m going to write up a list of nerdy cat names, I have to show some love for HP and McConagall is a badass. ‘Nuff said.

5. Mister 


Fan of The Dresden Files and have a new kitty? Name your cat Mister! However, I don’t suggest you feed your cat sheep…

4. Luna


I know it’s impossible to obtain a purple cat (please don’t go dye your cat!), but Luna from Sailor Moon is the purrfect cat to be named after!

3. Faron

In a handful of Peanuts comic strips, the character Freida had a cat named Faron. In one strip, Snoopy was stuck taking care of him:


I know what I’m naming my next cat. We’ll have a comic series of our own, The Adventures of Faren & Faron. We’ll go on wonderful cat adventures!

2. Special Agent Jack Bauer 


If your cat has no limits like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘s Special Agent Jack Bauer, you may want to hide the gasoline.


And that brings us to #1. Are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready.


1. Patrick Warburton? Nah… let’s try Catrick Warkitten


Sure, your cat won’t be able to speak like Patrick Warburton, but at least your cat will sound like it’s preparing to go into battle!


And that it’s for now, folks. Did you name your feline something particularly nerdy? Share pics with me on Instagram (@LucyLightning) with the hashtag #NerdyCatsFurrFaren.

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