Top 10 Hottest Guys in Video Games

I don’t really think I need to preface this post with my history with video games or my personal preferences for what I view as attractive, but I guess I should mention that these are all my opinion. You can disagree with me and that is totally okay, you can agree with me and that’s awesome! Don’t start a mob though because I didn’t include your favorite guy or because I included someone you hate, this is just a blog post about the males in games I find the most attractive. I will say that I am limiting myself to one character per franchise so I’m not going to be listing all my favorite love interests from Dragon Age because then this would just be a list of my favorite Dragon Age romances. With that being said, let’s begin.

  1. Edward Pierce from Call of Cthullu (2018)

Edward Pierce

From the just released game based on the tabletop game of the same name, this private detective hops off the game board, into the silver screen, and directly into my heart. His knowledge of the occult (which means my fascination with the macabre wouldn’t be such a bad thing!) is a huge bonus to me! His intelligence, deductive reasoning, dedication, and strength that help him in his investigation in Darkwater would also help him be a great boyfriend. It also doesn’t hurt that the man is well-muscled underneath his 1940s private eye attire. And I’m not going to lie, I like the beard on him.

  1. The Outsider Dishonored

The Outsider
This god among men resides within a dimension of nothingness called The Void, but he can totally fill the void in my heart. Born a human outcast, the Outsider is now so powerful as to be worshipped as a god by individuals in the city state of Dunwall. More of a mischievous trickster than anything else, he’s neither good nor evil appearing to those he thinks are interesting and gifting them with powers if they agree to bear his mark (a cool tattoo… get your mind out of the gutter). With a voice as smooth as butter and dark eyes that I’d willingly drown in, this otherworldly young man had to make this list.

8. Dante Devil May Cry


I guess I have a type: guys with ties to the supernatural (I guess I’m not surprised). This half-demon has gone through several makeovers throughout the Devil May Cry games, but his striking white hair and prowess on the battlefield are legendary! Yes, he’s a bit of a flirt, and he’s got a wild streak that’s likely to get the ordinary person killed just from being his friend, but if you want to have a good time and some pizza in the deal then Dante is definitely your man. While dates may be few and far between with Dante having to save the world from demons constantly, if you can shoot a gun, wield a sword, or just keep up with him, than all you got to do is enjoy the party!

7. Connor Detroit: Become Human

Connor Detroit become Human Breaking the mold, in more ways than one, we have the android sent by cyberlife, Connor. This detective android who may or may not be a revolutionary (depending on the gamer’s decisions) is easy on the eyes and even easier on the heart. It doesn’t hurt that his voice actor and character model Bryan Dechart is an absolute sweetheart and good-looking to boot. Also Connor loves dogs! Dogs!! Imagine going on a walk with him and Sumo the dog as a little date!!!

6. Nathan Drake Uncharted


While the series may just be a rip off of the Tomb Raider series, but with a male protagonist, Nate differs from Lara in a big way. He’s funny! Nathan’s treasure hunting and sense of adventure are great and all, but really he’s a friendly guy who is loyal to his friends and truly cares about them. He’s also proven that he’s dedicated to his family and when he loves, he loves wholeheartedly. And when Nathan Fillion plays you in a live-action short film, you are 100% allowed to steal my heart!

5. Bigby Wolf Wolf Among Us


From the video game based on the comic book series inspired by Grim’s fairytales number 5 goes to the big bad wolf himself, Sheriff Bigby Wolf. For those of us out there who love a bad boy with a heart of gold (depending on gamer decisions) Bigby is the perfect guy for you. And as a fable (fairytale character) he’s essentially immortal and while you might feel bad if you get him shot, trust me when I say you won’t feel as bad when you see him shirtless. The man is ripped! Most importantly though, Bigby is trying his best to bring order to Fabletown and make up for his past sins. While he’s still capable of being a big wolf, bad is not a word that necessarily describes him anymore.

4. Matt Until Dawn


So I should probably mention that Until Dawn is one of my favorite games of all time and with actors Rami Malek (best known for his starring role in Mr. Robot) and Brett Dalton (or Agent Grant Ward from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) also participating as Josh and Mike respectively, some might wonder why I chose the cute jock with a heart of gold and the patience of a saint. I just answered that question. Matt is super cute, yeah, but he’s also a protector, trying to keep Emily safe no matter how awful she is to him (which on a scale of 1-10 is pretty much a 9.5 for a majority of the game) and even tries to keep Jess safe when they’re trapped down in the mines even though she could also have been horrible to him. Did he participate in the prank that led to the events of the game? Yes, but he’s also the one I’m most willing to forgive for it because he’s one of the few people who decides to no longer pull stunts like that since it you know, ENDED HORRIBLY!!!! Just saying that out of all the males in the game Matt is the best boyfriend material there.

3. Shay Cormac Assassin’s Creed: Rogue


While many would say that Ezio should be the one on this list I just had to go with the Irishman who makes his own luck. A former assassin turned templar due to the actions the assassins had taken (which resulted in huge earthquakes that killed hundreds), Shay left the Brotherhood to put a stop to their wrongdoings. He’s a hard-worker, he’s loyal to his morals and code of ethics rather than to a person, he’s respectful and kind to many (outside the assassin brotherhood at least). And considering how good of a fighter he is, you know he can take care of his loved ones. He doesn’t need a hidden blade, because cupid hit me right in the heart as soon as I heard his Irish accent.

2. Cullen Rutherford Dragon Age


As a huge Dragon Age fan with Inquisition being my favorite game of all time (just ask my coworkers) and Cullen being my first ever in-game romance, I feel absolutely awful putting him at number 2, but when you see number 1, I think you’ll understand. This strapping young, former, templar turned Commander of the Inquisition (not at all like the Spanish one) is more than just easy on the eyes. He’s a strategic mind who cares about his soldiers and cares about his fellow templars. While he’s been distrustful of mages/magic users in the past (which, let’s be fair, he had every right to be considering what he went through) he’s realized the error of his ways and is trying to treat them better than he has in the past. While he’s dealing with a lot of baggage (seriously a lot) he’s still an absolute sweetheart who’s awkwardness in romance and love makes him all the more endearing. He’s a great chess player (which means he’s intelligent and strategic), but a bad card player (which means he has a hard time hiding his feelings) and he loves dogs. Can anyone else say total package???

Before I get to the man who takes the number one spot here are a few honorable mentions: Chris Redfield Resident Evil, Alistair Theirin and Fenris Dragon Age, Kaiden Alenko Mass Effect, Geralt The Witcher, and Wario Mario games (because sorry Jason I had to).

1.Leon Scott Kennedy Resident Evil


This cop-for-a-day turned Federal Agent specializing in taking down bio-terrorists and their zombie creations Leon Scott Kennedy comes out on top beating out even fellow Raccoon City survivor Chris Redfield. Leon’s development over the series has definitely given me more about him to love. Not because he’s been made out to be perfect, but because the games have shown just how human he really is. He has regrets, even wondering if he could have saved some of the evil Umbrella corp’s victims from their fate.

In the animated movie Resident Evil: Vendetta it’s shown that Leon has taken to drinking heavily in order to numb his pain and guilt. He’s shown to care about others deeply and takes care of his friends. He’s also shown to have an attraction to dangerous women such as Ada Wong (I wonder if it’s the red dress, designer heels, or ability to beat a giant monster in a fight in just that red dress and a pair of Jimmy Choo’s that’s most attractive?). He’s good in a fight and when the chips are down, if you’re his friend, then he’ll have your back in any fight you might get into (even if it’s against the Secretary of Defense).

Well there you have it. That’s my list of the top ten hottest men in video games. Do you disagree? Do you think there’s someone I neglected to consider or that I blatantly overlooked? Are you happy with the characters I’ve chosen? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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