The GIFs That Keep On Giving

Believe it or not, GIFs have been around for more than 30 years. In most of my circles, that’s considered ancient—especially for the internet.

Today, this teeny little image file format has evolved beyond technology to spawn its own whimsical and wonderfully strange cult following. You heard your reading voice right; no need to adjust those hearing aids.


In fact, cool kid-famous GIPHY serves more than one billion GIFs to its users. Every. Day.

Not impressed? That’s more than one million hours of Hunter Killer runtime. Or, an in-the-moment guesstimate of 30 million read-throughs of my review. Sounds like you better get started… But finish this one first. I won’t keep you long, I promise!

Anyway, where were we? Oh, yes. GIFs and those crypt keeper-esque 30+ year-olds.

As many as there are to choose from, any socially relevant web surfer knows rule number one is keeping your friends close, but your reaction GIFs closer. So, prepare yourself for the article you’ve always secretly known you needed—the top 10 reaction GIFs of all time.


Do you wish clapping was socially acceptable at all times? No, just me? Anyway, part of the appeal of this GIF is its flexibility. It can be applied to pretty much anything positive. Add it to your repertoire and thank me later.


I was never a fan of reality TV or shows like American Idol, but I have to admit that I’m a big fan of this GIF. I mean, it’s so good it almost makes Simon Cowell look like a halfway decent human being. If he asks, though, I definitely didn’t say that.


Okay, here’s where things start to get good. That’s what you’d use this GIF to convey in your conversation. What, you thought I was talking about the article? Oh, this must be the first time you’ve read my work… sorry.


As a millennial, I can relate to this one on a very personal level. But only, like, all the time. Anyway, whenever your life is falling apart at least now you have the perfect GIF. And one less fire to put out when shit hits the fan – wait, can I say that?


Oh, look! Here’s one that resonates with those Arthritis-riddled 30-year olds I mentioned earlier. A word of advice: if you’re old, just stay in your lane or your bingo hall or wherever it is you hang out. Don’t be a Steve Buscemi.


When you’re as mildly successful as I am, there’s a lot to celebrate. And who better to receive a toast from than Leo himself? Cheers to all of life’s little GIFts!


Spoiler alert: while this one shares a similar sentiment as GIF number three on the list, it’s too iconic to rank any lower. Just stare into those “Did you just really say that,” eyes and you’ll totally see what I mean.


While Nathan Fillion is way too familiar with what the Fox says, this GIF captures that loss for words-inspired stupidity brilliantly. And ironically.


If you need a GIF that’s spicier than any mixtape’s fire, you came to the right place. If you’re not dropping this one like it’s hot after your disses, you’re doing it wrong. Trust me.


Maybe it’s just me, but awkward is entirely how I roll out of bed and carry myself for the rest of forever. An iconic moment from a legendary TV show that captures the oh-so-familiar feeling so perfectly? Easy choice. And now it’s yours, for the price of FREE. You’re welcome.

Honorable Mention

No words for this one. Just Sam staring straight through your soul.

Anyway, which GIFs totally should have made my list but didn’t? Let us know! Or, if I need a stern talking to, you can always reach out to me via Twitter.

Also, as a 29 year-old myself, I’d like to apologize to anybody I might have offended that’s 30 or older. If you can still read print this small, that is. It’s just a jab at someone who might run this whole operation, so I hope the joke was as good for you as it was for me. Otherwise, you know why I never posted again. Happy belated birthday, Faren!

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